3 of the Most Disconcerting Things Kids Say Blog Post - Dylan Drawing of Me Nov17

3 of the Most Disconcerting Things Kids Say

3 of the Most Disconcerting Things Kids Say Blog Post - Dylan Drawing of Me Nov17

The Case of the Missing ‘L’

I now have a few ‘embarrassing incidents at the supermarket’ stories. Dylan contributed with his loud observation asking, “why has that man got many chins?”. Now Eloise has chimed in with her booming request to use the scales in the fruit and vegetable department. Except that she thinks the scales are a clock. And she can’t pronounce the ‘L’. When a three-year-old girl is yelling ‘I want clock’ (but without the L) in the supermarket it makes a dull trip for groceries rather exciting.

However, these embarrassing incidents do not make it into the top three most disconcerting things kids say. It is expected that kids are going to blurt out what they want and what they are thinking at any time and this can often lead to humiliation on the grown up’s behalf. No, disturbing or unnerving things form another list altogether as they can be quite startling.

Here are three disconcerting things my kids say:


1. “I see dead people” – Part One

I don’t know about you but I get shivers when my kids say they see things I can’t see or hear sounds that I am oblivious too. The practical explanation for this is that they simply have better sight and hearing than me, being younger plus not exposed to hours at a computer desk or rock concerts at their tender age.

However, sometimes there seems to be an eerie truth to their spooky reportings of a dark shadow or an unexplained thump. A friend of mine with twins said the girls went through a stage of running out of the playroom because of the ‘ghost’ in there. They did it so often and with so much intensity she almost believed them.


2. “I see dead people” – Part Two

A few months back I asked Dylan what his pencil drawing was about and his exact words: “This is Mama. She is dead. Blown up by dynamite”.  Errrr, I wasn’t sure how to reply to that one. At least he is thinking of me and drawing pictures of me. I guess that is a good thing.

I have already discussed how Dylan and I have had many conversations about the subject of death and dying and how I still find it a difficult topic to get my head around, but a visual representation pushed it into the disconcerting top three.


3. Say My Name

However, the most disconcerting thing kids say, especially when they are young has nothing to do with death. It is when they talk to you and use your actual name.

When a little voice peeps out from somewhere and says “Julie”, I do a double take. Every time. What makes them switch from a natural ‘Mama’ to my actual name? There seems to be no pattern to it. Dylan can be calm (“That’s OK, Julie”) or annoyed (“Julie, why won’t you let me watch TV?”) when using my moniker. I think if I knew when usage would more likely happen I wouldn’t be so shocked, but as it can happen sporadically but at any time it is my number one most disconcerting thing kids say.

I would love to hear your examples of disconcerting things your kids say in the comments below.

3 of the Most Disconcerting Things Kids Say Blog Post - I See Dead People Bart Simpson

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