Rethinking the Toothfairy Blog Post

Rethinking the Toothfairy

Tooth Milestone Last week a major developmental milestone occurred – Dylan lost his first baby tooth. Yes, a tiny (and I am talking cucumber seed infinitesimal) tooth became very wriggly and finally came out at the end of school lunchtime on an otherwise quiet Wednesday. On pick up, Dylan bounded up, keen to show me the rather large space left

3 Important Things My Kids Have Taught Me Blog Post - Snail

3 Important Things My Kids Have Taught Me

Birthday Central Our beautiful tiny humans, Dylan and Eloise have just turned six and three years old, respectively. Born exactly three years and three days apart, it makes for a busy but fun time of the year. Becoming a mama has changed the whole course of my life and has been the most challenging and magnificent thing I have ever

Please Don't Give My Kids Birthday Presents Blog Post - Presents

Please Don’t Give My Kids Birthday Presents

Mama Plea You – yes, you. And you. And you. Birthday party invitees, school friend’s parents, the general population. Everyone who reads this who is not a close family member or part of a very small circle of friends (you know who you are) …this is my plea to you: Please don’t give my kids birthday presents. There I have

Parenting is NEVER Boring Blog Post - Sleeping Child

Parenting is NEVER Boring

  The Three D’s I love it when my children are tucked up in bed fast asleep. They look so peaceful, so beautiful, so scrumptiously soft and warm. And there is added bonus that in their current state they are unlikely to climb up the pantry shelves to the cookies, inexplicably demand breakfast in another bowl or get dressed in

Three Realizations Blog Post - Cryptocurrency Image

Three Realizations About Mama Worry

Typical Mama When I was going through my pregnancies, I worried about tons of things including ending up with an emergency C-section and stretch marks. Then when my kids were little babies I worried another stack of things like reading to them enough and their sleep routine falling apart. I am huge worrier from way back and that coupled with my

Parenting Easier Blog Post - Parenting Toolbox

Does Parenting Ever Get Easier?

Tools Down I would really like to know: does parenting ever get easier? I skimmed through a couple of my favorite parenting books again this month trying to glean some nuggets of wisdom. This was due to some poor behavior exhibited, mainly from my kids, and occasionally from me. I don’t know what has brought the poor behavior on or

Tough Questions Blog Post - Dylan and Santa

Tough Questions at Christmas

Pants on Fire “I think you are lying, Mummy”. My five year old, Dylan, looks me straight in the eye and waits for me to deny his accusation. I go politician on him and ask a sideways question: “Oh, what exactly am I lying about?” “You don’t really know Santa’s phone number do you?” Oh Dylan, you don’t know the

Comparisonitis Blog Post - Dylan-Eloise-Halloween

Should We Stop Sibling Comparisonitis?

Sibling Comparisonitis – The Cuteness For the first year or so of Eloise’s life I put side by side photos on Facebook comparing Dylan and Eloise when they were babies – in the same Halloween costume, at the zoo with the elephant, even in the same pretty dress (another 21st photo for poor Dylan). Oh the cuteness! Last week, I

40 Blog Post - Birthday Cake - 40

What Does Being 40 Mean?

Milestone Birthday Last November I had a milestone birthday – I turned 40. This is so momentous it needs emphasizing with some emojis. After almost a year of being 40, it is not at all like I thought it would be. When I was a teenager and in my early twenties, I thought 40 was old. Old with capital letters.