Everything We Do Is Wrong Blog Post - W Sitting Picture

Everything We Do Is Wrong

W-Sitting My four year old, Dylan, was quietly playing with some toys on the floor and I relished a few peaceful moments before the baby was due to wake… until I realised from what I was reading on my phone that Dylan was sitting wrong. Yes – you read it correctly. Sitting wrong. Courtesy of my social media feed I

The Baby Mysteries Blog Post - Party Table First Birthday

The Baby Mysteries

  Wonderfully Horrible Our baby daughter, Eloise, turns one on Sunday. The past year has been tiring, wacky, joyous, boring, momentous, difficult and amazing. Being mama to Eloise has been horribly wonderful and wonderfully horrible. Because babies are easy… except when they are not. This inherent contrariness makes parenting a baby so fantastic and so awful at the same time.

What I Did Not Believe Blog Post - Who I Am Cartoon

What I Did Not Believe Until I Became A Parent

  Unpleasant Side Effects When I found out I was pregnant I was overjoyed. But it does come with some unpleasant side effects. And I am not talking about morning sickness, back pain, heartburn or swollen ankles. It comes with the side effects of people rubbing your belly (I am not a genie people!). It comes with mothers telling you

No Don't Stop Blog Post - Dylan and Eloise - Super

Don’t! No! Stop!

“What is it Like with Two?” One of the main questions I get nowadays is ‘what is it like having two kids?’ or ‘how has life changed with the addition of the second child?’ or some rendition of that. It is a nice way to make small talk and it is easy to give a polite answer – ‘oh it’s

he WHY Stage Blog Post - Lots of Whys Cartoon

The WHY Stage

  Like a Switch             Dylan turned three years old a few months back and just like that he snapped into the ‘WHY’ stage. I think most people have heard of this phase. The word ‘Why?’ and sometimes, just for a bit of light relief, ‘What’, ‘How’, or ‘Where’, is spoken copiously. There is no

All I Want for Christmas Blog Post - Eloise and Santa

All I Want For Christmas

Santa’s Lap We took our seven-month-old baby daughter, Eloise, to visit Santa the other day. Santa, astutely, summed up the situation as a photo opportunity and so didn’t bother with the pleasantries of asking the baby what she wanted for Christmas. After we left Santa’s air-conditioned grotto, I realised I lost my opportunity to tell him what I wanted for

100 Days Old Blog Post - Image of Eloise

100 Days Old

All About Me Our baby daughter, Eloise, entered our lives just over 100 days ago. Although the focus at home has been baby, baby, baby, I have recently realised that the previous two blog posts were all about me. I wrote about my pregnancy, my labour, my birth. Cute photo aside, Eloise featured as a minor character in both those

A Boring Birth Story Blog Post - Eloise at 9 Days Old

A Boring Birth Story

Birth Worry When you watch a woman go into labour in a film or TV programme there is always a catalogue of high drama that goes with it. Their waters break in the middle of an argument. They are unable to get to the hospital on time, or if they do, then their partner is delayed at getting to their

What I will Miss About Being Pregnant Blog Post - Rose Color Glasses

What I Will Miss About Being Pregnant

  Newborn Tidings On the 1st of May 2015, a momentous event occurred in our lives – our gorgeous daughter, Eloise, arrived in the world. She will take centre-stage in many blog posts to come, but I would like to dedicate this one to the nine months that preceded her birth. It seems a bit remiss if I do not