I write parenting self-help books so that parents don’t have to spend their time and energy getting conflicting, inaccurate and just plain silly advice from the internet machine and well-meaning friends and family.

You can relax and know you are on the right track with the drudgery things and have more time for some fun with the beautiful tiny humans in your life.

Easy Peasy Potty Training Book Cover

Easy Peasy Potty Training Book
Since its release in November 2015, Easy Peasy Potty Training now has over FORTY 5-star reviews on Amazon. One of the latest reviews (that absolutely made my day) said:

“… This book is so cheap and so helpful, stop reading reviews and just BUY it!” – Alyssa

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Easy Peasy Healthy Eating Book Cover

Easy Peasy Healthy Eating Book

Do you have fussy eaters in your home? Easy Peasy Healthy Eating is available in eBook and paperback just for you. This book will help both parents of picky eaters and families who want to find easy ways to eat healthier.

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