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Easy Peasy Potty Training Book Cover


The Busy Parents’ Guide to Toilet Training with Less Stress and Less Mess

by Julie Schooler

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The thought of potty training stresses most parents out. It’s a topic that:
• you may know very little about, and
• what you do know sounds difficult, messy and full of contradictory messages

The Easy Peasy Potty Training book is a simple to follow, step-by-step process to toilet train your child. It answers your burning questions, busts myths and tells you what to do if there are problems.

Follow the short, chunked down chapters in Easy Peasy Potty Training to:
• help you make decisions such as whether to start on a potty or the toilet
• get a comprehensive shopping list for all your potty training needs
• give you lots of tips on preparation tasks to make toilet training go smoothly
• provide a simple three stage approach to potty training
• find out what actions to take when accidents happen
• have the best transition to no diapers at nighttime
• prepare for childcare and leaving the house
• get solutions to common potty training problems

Read this book and you won’t spend hours searching for information.

One book. Potty training. Done.

Get your copy today and you WILL potty train your child – with less stress and less mess.

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